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Dr. Steve Brennan, the CEO and founder of the Elite Sport Psychology Group, has announced that plans are formulating for
the establishment of an internet video channel called gamesMINDship
™: The Worldwide Sport Psych Network (www.gamesmindship.com).  It will be the first video network of any kind devoted specifically to the area of sport psychology.

  "The sports world is fascinated by sport psychology," Brennan stated.  "Coaches espouse it.  Athletes practice it.  Professional sports organizations utilize it in hopes of gaining an edge.  Colleges are creating new programs and heavily promoting them within their curriculum options.  There are American and international sport psychology associations.  Even the stoic American Psychological Association has a section focused on sport psychology.  It's time to de-mystify the field, and get it into the mainstream of everyday public awareness." 

  For recent sport psychology graduates and long-time practitioners who want to become a contributor/participant of the channel, they need to first become a member of the Elite Sport Psychology Group, Brennan said.  "If you want in on the ground floor of this grand experiment, you need to become a member of the Elite team first," Brennan stated.  "I guess it's just like becoming a charter member of a new association," Brennan said.  "Once you're in, then you get to participate and reap the rewards of membership."

   Brennan said a new membership category has been established for joining the video channel component only. "It's called the Video Channel Membership category.  There is a one-year charter membership fee.  But one benefit is that the contributor will be paid for his professional contribution to the network.  Not too many professional associations pay their members for their work." 

  Specifics plans are being finalized.  “This isn’t going to happen overnight.  Tons of details have to be established,” Brennan stated.  “What we need to do is start building our pool of interested sport psychology professionals who want to become a part of sport psychology history.” 

  Brennan noted that one membership benefit will be an opportunity for members to sell their teaching materials and products.  "There will be a clearinghouse at the website called the Sport Psych Library. Members will be able to list and sell their products worldwide.  It will be great exposure for them, and truly put them into an Elite class."

        Brennan added that the network will be the "go to" source for additional information.  "We will also have an exercise and health psychology component to the network.  This component will give professionals in those specific areas a worldwide audience to impress with their expertise, too."

        Below is a video trailer to give sport psychologists an example of the look/feel of the network. 


        In addition, the Elite Sport Psychology Group has a component in which recent sport psychology graduates can establish their own sport psychology consulting business.  "I give them over 25 years of knowledge and experience in sport psychology consulting," Brennan states.  "They receive all the key foundation elements.  Then their creativity and passion can take it from there."

  Recent sport psychology graduates with Masters and doctoral degrees, plus all other interested practicing sport psychologists, can join the Video Channel Membership category on the Application Page, which is the final page on this site. All questions can be directed to steve@peakperformanceconsult.com.  

Here is the Contributors Guidelines Manual for Program Content: http://tempuri.org/tempuri.html


Finally! The Easy Way To Turn That Sport Psych Degree Into A Profitable Consulting Business

FOR the graduate with a Masters or Doctoral degree in sport psychology, locating and securing a job is a very hard thing to accomplish these days. You may be teeming with new ideas and energy, but if no one is hiring, what can you do?

You can take a proactive approach like other recent graduates have done!

A new professional organization has stepped up to help the recent graduate with an advanced degree in sport psychology begin his/her own consulting business. Now YOU can be a part of this elite group.


The Who and Why of this New Elite Organization


My name is Dr. Steve Brennan, and I've been running my sport psychology consulting business since 1987. I'm a former high school teacher and coach, and was a member of the men's basketball coaching staff at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln from 1984-86. I am a member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP), the International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP), and Division 47 of the American Psychological Association.

I earned a Masters of Physical Education degree in performance enhancement from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1986, and started my company, Peak Performance Consultants, in 1987. I had written a sport psychology book for basketball during my coaching days called The Mental Edge: Basketball’s Peak Performance Workbook. For my first services, I developed each chapter into a presentation, and marketed the presentations to schools and coaching organizations. I was also able to convince the clinic organizers at MacGregor Sports and Converse Shoes to add me to their list of national clinic speakers on the topic of sport psychology.

From 1988-1994, I worked as a performance consultant with the Kansas City Royals professional baseball club, working primarily with the Triple A-affiliate Omaha Royals team.

My wife, who also left the teaching profession to go into the corporate world, recommended that I create a performance enhancement program targeting corporate clients. So I developed some corporate workshops and motivational presentations, and built up a corporate clientele.

In 1992, I conducted a national research study on college recruiting methods, and discovered that 70% of the assistant coaches were teaching themselves how to recruit. I had written another coaching book that had Bobby Bowden from Florida State, Digger Phelps from Notre Dame, Pat Summitt from Tennessee, and Lute Olson from Arizona as some of the chapter authors. The book was called Competitive Excellence: The Psychology and Strategy of Successful Team Building. I told them about the results of the study, and asked if a national seminar on recruiting would be helpful to the coaches. They all responded that such a seminar would be helpful. So The Recruiters Institute ™ was born.

The first seminar was conducted in 1993 in Omaha, Nebraska. The 18th edition of the seminar took place in 2012 in a webcast format since college coaching budgets have shrunk to the level that travel expenses to coaching clinics and seminars are very thin. I took a few years off when my kids were graduating from high school and college since the dates conflicted with my seminar dates. I’ve also developed The Recruiters Library ™, a resource where all the audio and video histories reside of each seminar session over the years.

A couple years ago, I had website consultants examine my website and offer some recommendations that would be helpful. They thought my website was too cluttered with athletic and corporate services to the point that it caused confusion to any visitors to the site. They recommended that I split my website into two distinct sites: One for athletics and one for corporate. So I retained Peak Performance Consultants as the name for the corporate client, and created The Best College Recruiter ™ for the athletics client. You can view both websites at www.peakperformanceconsult.com and http://www.thebestcollegerecruiter.com


For years, I have been contacted by sport psychology students from around the country who just graduated with Masters and Doctoral degrees to inquire whether my company was hiring. I was not able to help...until now.

I’ve thought how I can assist students with employment opportunities. With over 25 years of practical experience as a performance consultant in the athletic and corporate domains, I thought I would pass along this expertise to help recent sport psych grads set up their own consulting business. But I want to give you more than just expertise.

I want to give you all the building blocks to start your own sport psychology consulting business.

And I want to invite you to join the ELITE organization that will make your consulting business dreams come true.