Elite Sport Psychology Group



The core idea of THE ELITE SPORT PSYCHOLOGY GROUP ™ is to form a consortium of sport psychology experts interested in becoming the top practicing sport psychology consultants in the world. In other words, the GROUP wants to take you from the academic setting into the real world of sport psychology consulting.

And I’m going to give you all the tools you need to start your own successful sport psychology consulting business.

So what does the inexperienced sport psych grad need most?

The three toughest elements of any start-up business: Identity, Credibility, and a Foundation.


If you earned a doctorate in sport psychology, you can call yourself a sport psychologist. If you earned a Master’s degree in sport psychology, you can call yourself a sport psychology consultant. Check your specific state licensing board for its interpretation for nomenclature.

Joining THE ELITE SPORT PSYCHOLOGY GROUP ™ gives you a business identity instantaneously. And you have to admit...it’s a pretty cool name, too. You are grounded with a professional organization with like-minded individuals who have a vision of how they want to project themselves as professional practicing sport psychology experts.


Joining THE ELITE SPORT PSYCHOLOGY GROUP ™ reinforces the credibility you’ve secured by completing your advanced sport psychology degree. Whatever educational designator you want to list after your name on your business card, whether it’s PhD, M.Ed., M.S. or something else, you instantly demonstrate to your clients that you possess integrity because you have your advanced degree in the field. When your name is associated with THE ELITE SPORT PSYCHOLOGY GROUP ™, it just adds more punch on the credibility scale.


This element is by far the most difficult one to create for aspiring sport psychology consultants. What substantive product do you have to offer potential clients that will allow you to "get in the door" with them?

Have you written the definitive book on sport psychology? Do you have the endorsement of a famous coach? If you do have the book and endorsement, you’re in a very rare group. But let’s not kid ourselves...Most recent sport psych grads do not have that kind of background.

So what kind of "foundation" product can THE ELITE SPORT PSYCHOLOGY GROUP ™ give you that will get you in the door and impress your clients?